Realistic Run Space/Coop Space for Urban Coops

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    Suburban chicken owner here though we don't have a tractor. We have an extra large doghouse converted in to a coop with nest boxes on the outside. Our run is a 8x4 covered dog kennel. Our coop is about 16 sq ft & our run is 48. The hatchery sent us home with 2 extra chickens so at one time we had 5 who lived in there comfortably & very happy. We built perches in our run to maximize some of the empty air space & that helped a lot in terms of providing room & free space for the hens. We only have 3 hens now so it's more along the lines of what the guidelines say though I'd agree with you--when I had 5, they were only in the coop to sleep & were all crammed in together in the same spot even though there was plenty of roost space open!

    We have just built a storage shed in our yard & framed out a 6x4 room on the inside for our new coop. Our run will be 10x6. We have 3 chicks coming & we wanted to be within the guidelines.
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    I am new to chickens so I hope this is not a super silly question. I'm trying to figure out what counts as coop space and what is run space. We have a prefab coop that was supposed to be fine for our four chickens (according to the farmer we bought from). There are two nesting boxes attached to an inside space that is about 3x3 (with two roosts about 6' total) and a 'screened in porch' that is about 3x6. They also have a 'run' that is about 10x30. I close them in the inside portion at night, and they will be allowed in the run most of the day. I had been counting all of the space (inside and screened porch) as coop space and figured they were fine. Am I wrong? We have 2 buff orphingtons and 2 Easter eggers that are about 11 weeks old.
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    Coop space, run space, chickens don’t know the difference. All they know is whether they have enough space when they need it. When do they need it? When there is a conflict, the weak needs to be able to get away from or just avoid the strong. The more space you can give them the less likely there is to be a conflict and the less likely any conflict will be severe.

    At 11 weeks you are still a bit away from them sorting out the final pecking order. They have been working on it but they mature at different rates. As they mature there may be some adjustments. It may all go so smoothly you don’t notice anything, there may be some conflict. With four hens I think you will be fine but if you notice some conflict try letting them into that very nice run pretty soon after daybreak until things calm down.
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    Thinking of purchasing a coop from Castlecreek. 6'x25"x53"h for 2-4 chickens. Has nesting box ,roosting bars,and private living place. Easy assembly and looks great for $200.00. Good deal?
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    It's big enough for maybe 3 standard sized birds, and you'll need to build a run for them. Basically, when it comes to coop space, you need enough room on the roost for all your birds. That means at least 12 inches per bird. Nest boxes do not count towards total sq footage. Average total living area (coop and run) per standard sized bird should be about 14 sq ft. Bantams need about 8 to 10 sq ft total.
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    So after reading all these....I am so not doing this right. Try not to kill me. My coop store bought was tiny. Hold 3 hens. Seeing it was too small I put it under my deck 5 ft tall and 8x8 run area but round. I can't let them out. They have never locked in tiny house. 2 buffs and a white mutt. They will not roost and they sleep in lol house and share it for egg laying. Ilive in city so I can't let them out. No fenced in yard. Are they okay. I bring the clippings and garden waste to them. I clean everything diligently. They seem okay. A ill loud but happy.
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    An 8x8 run is plenty for 3 birds. And since it's covered, the whole thing counts as a secure shelter.

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