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    About 98% of my FB friends are from BYC, however I play a game called Bingo Blitz. It requires you to friend people to be on your team, to get more credits. I have friended about 100 people through that game. Alot of people just block me, as I block them, after all it just a game. The few that have not blocked me have brought me more joy that I can tell you. I have met chicken farmers, whole food growers, goat farmers, etc.!!! It has been awesome.

    Then tonight I was messaged by one of the Bingo players. She told me I am her best friend on FB and she loves me and appreciates my humor. Social networking at its best!!!

    I am blessed.

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    Jan 11, 2010
    I met Lovesduckies on a forum originating in Australia... which led me to facebook and also this site - I have more contact with people through this site and facebook in the USA than anywhere else and have also met some incredible people and forged close friendships through both. because of the time differences I have spent many an evening chatting to someone in the USA who cannot sleep for one reason or another... ( most commonly they have ducklings hatching.. [​IMG] ) Social networking gets a thumbs up from me as well.

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