Really big bird

Alabama ee

9 Years
Feb 18, 2010
We ordered from Ideal and received 5 BR's, 5 EE's, and 5 BA. One of the EE's is huge compared to the others. She is twice as
biig as the BA. She was twice everyone's size when we got her, and still is. Even her "voice" is louder and deeper. Everyone else has a
small high pitch "cheep" noice. Hers is more like "CHURP". Did anyone else get one like this?
Also..they are 4 weeks old today.
Is it possible she is a roo?
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When I got my chicks, one of the EE's was the largest, maybe 1/3 bigger than the others, and the BA was tiny. We called her Chicken Little. At 9 weeks, the EE is my smallest pullet and the BA is huge and sadly, I think a rooster :0/ I would look more at comb and leg size, etc instead of over all body size but 4 weeks is usually to soon to be sure if somebody's a roo. Different breeds/ chickens grow at different rates
You were right. Big Bird is now about the same size as everyone else. She (it is a She) is still a little bigger, but not as much.

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