Really dumb question but I will ask anyway....


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I have a 5 gallon plastic gravity fed water jug for my flock... but when I fill it up it gushes out almost completely... I put the cap on fill the jug with water and put it where I want it and then remove the cap under the water line... I thought as long as the hole was below water line it would stabilize and keep water in the jug.. what am I doing wrong? thanx:he
Something's wrong with the seal on that thing. They work by suction, so if there's a hole anywhere (other than the one blocked by the waterline) all the water will come out.

More detailed than that I can't go, without being familiar with the specific waterer. Some have seals that need to be in the right place, some just get holes in them.
Thanx Uzuri I will look into the seal and see if it is in the right place, just cleaned the coop and now the litter is wet from that stupid thing .... thanks for the quick response...
I had one of those stupid waterers with a big tight screw on lid with a giant o-ring meant to seal the top. Then you unscrew the little opening at the bottom and voila everything is supposed to work just fine!


Those seals will never work reliably outside. Too much dirt, grime, dust, chicken poo, to ever reliably create a seal. I used mine like twice.

Now I use those auto waterers that plug into a garden hose. You can make one with a swamp cooler float valve or toilet valve.
I have a feeder and waterer in both my coop and run. No problems with any of them I have had them the first ones for over two years. Here are pictures.
I have 3 gallon waterers that are filled from the screw-on top and have a little spout at the bottom that empties into the snap-on basin and I love them! Never had a problem with leakage.
First off, make sure it's level. If you can't get it level then make sure the spout is pointed on the low side of the coop.
Do not over-tighten the cap. Hand tighten only.
Make sure the O ring is seated properly in the groove.
If all fails, grease the O ring and the threads inside the cap/top with vaseline.
After refilling mine (which I just did) and putting it back in the coop, I spend the few seconds it takes to let it fill up the basin to make sure that it doesn't overflow; cuz stuff happens.
Spend a few seconds then beats cleaning out wet bedding later.

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