Really need help are our chooks ok, see the eggs


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Jun 15, 2012
Sheffield (UK)
We had two silkie's which was'nt laying i posted about this previous and some one said the could be heavily wormed so were just on the last day of a 3 day worming course, we got some warrens 3 days ago and with them freeranging weve been finding lovely eggs in the garden were ever ther've been and in the coop. See the eggs weve been getting off the warrens below


They taste lovely too :)

But today my better looking half (partner) has found this egg on the lawn


We don't know which chickens laid this egg although the silkies was down the end of the lawn previous to finding the egg, is it from the silkies ? Could they have not laid with been heavily wormed but this egg was inside them and gone rotten? Will we find more like this? Do we need to treat them with anything? Shall we stop eating out eggs for a while?

It's an egg laying mistake, probably with a piece of oviduct attached. There is really nothing to be done about it. Your other eggs should be fine to eat. It probably doesn't have anything to do with being wormed.
From other pictures I've seen in other places on the net i believe its last and a start of the chooks egg laying process after reading this as I've never had a egg of my silkie....

It is discussed on forums in hens of all ages but evidently going though either a hormonal change at the beginning or end of their laying production period overall. Sometimes lash is connected to a stressful incident that caused them to stop laying for awhile or a change from broodiness to laying again. Hormonal changes seem key in producing lash.

Am i right to believe its the beginning of her egg laying production?

And i got told it was a possiblity why i didnt get eggs off her because she could possibly be heavly wormed as shes was months and months past POL since worming them all we found this in the area the silkies chill out

Cheers again

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