Really sick hen, pale shaky head liquid poop!

Mariella posey

Apr 29, 2020
I just bought a group of 12 hens that are moulting. They had their beaks "melted" when they were chicks and they are all skinny. One Buff Orpington hen didn't look good when I got her so I started her on electrolytes and I gave her a dose of LA200. I've had them around a week now. Yesterday I thought this hen was dead but I was busy and my Dad said he would get her body out for me. Well today when I went to feed she was still in the pen in the same spot. I went to take her out and she's alive!
She's pale and was cold (I have her warning up next to a heater) she is laying on her side and when she picks up her head it shakes, it was crooked but seems to have gotten better, her only other symptom is foul smelling liquid green poop.
I've given her more electrolytes and more LA200 and I'm keeping her near the heater. Anything else I can do for her?
She is now sitting up on her legs instead of laying on her side. I will try to get her to eat some goodies in the morning.
She's also being vocal when I move her around. They are small improvements but they are still improvements!
I gave her some stuff my mother makes, she just calls it OGG, it's made of onions garlic and ginger laird with organic sugar that stuff will kick ANYTHING out of you system!!!

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