REALLY STUPID dog question... how do I train her to fetch?


11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
All of my other dogs pucked up ball play with ease... but not Ginger... nooooo shes "special"

she has interest in the ball very driven.. will chase it pick it up in her mouth.. chew it... but not bring it back. I get just as much excercise as she does cause i am walking to the other end of the yard to get her and the ball. Good thing though.. she does not take off with it... she will sit and let me take it... but wont bring the darn thing back...

any suggestions?
Throw ball. Dog picks up ball. You say, "Bring it." Have a treat better than a ball, like chicken. Dog comes for treat. Say, "Drop it." Give her said treat. Repeat.
I have my treats and as soon as she sees the treat she drops the ball and comes running... ummm hello dear... you forgot something...LOL
Maybe have treats only SLIGHTLY better than ball? Or maybe she's just not able to do 2 things at once? Short attention span possibly. Repetition should overcome that. Or maybe she's training YOU to fetch for her?
I worked backwards on that one with my 'special' dog. My pit bull, Harper, was a training case gone awry. I ended up teaching her to have the ball in her mouth, when it was in she'd get a treat. When she was eager to get the ball I added it in that she had to hold it until I said drop it, and then a treat. I make mine place it in my hand so they know they don't get the treat unless it is in my hand. Once she has mastered the hold and release then you move on the rolling the ball. This one took a while because mine, like yours, is a 'special' dog. She'd go and get the ball and return. Although for later you may need to have a strong 'come' command. Start at short distances and then gradually increase.
Hide treats and Don't throw the ball very far at first - like just a few feet - when she get to it tell her 'good dog' the second it's in her mouth and the 'bring it' and no treat until she gets the idea. She may first like to just play 'catch' the ball and build on distance of the game.
I have my treats and as soon as she sees the treat she drops the ball and comes running... ummm hello dear... you forgot something...LOL

I have the SAME problem too! Gah!
This dog is so smart shes got ME trained to fetch the ball for HER!!
she is a 6LB min pin.. I had to get the small balls because she could not fit a standard ball in her mouth.. she has a GREAT recall.. and min pins are know to run like the wind when off leash. we play in the tennis court in the evenings when everyone has gone home. this way she is fenced just in case

My daughter wants to get her into fly ball or agility but i want her to fetch
I hear agility is fantastic for min pins, and to tell you the truth sometimes fetching isn't for all dogs. Small dogs you have to be sure you don't man handle them, as it is done pretty easily. Min Pins just happen to be the ONLY small dog I like, probably because I like Dobermans, but that is beside the point.

The first thing is, does she like to chase after the ball? If yes, then I would say try to not reward her with treats at first. Reward her with praise, or just mix it up so she doesn't know when she will get a treat. Every dog I have known loves to be praised and petted, so perhaps you could try that.

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