Really worried - damaged leg


8 Years
May 28, 2011
Hi I have a 2 week old chick with a new leg problem.

Earlier today I rather foolishly showed my 4 year old niece the 3 abandoned chicks I've been raising. She tried to pick one up and accidentally dropped it on a hard wooden floor. Since then the chick hasn't been able to walk properly and leans to its left hand side while lying down.

I have made a temporary sling in case there is any bruising so the chick can't put any weight on its right leg

It is still perky and chirping and I have fed it some water and food which it was rather happy with.

However I have noticed that while it its sling where its feet could reach the floor but not stand if they wanted to, the left one is touching on the floor however the right is raised and shaking. It also seems to have possible enflamed veins around the joint on the leg.

I am really concerned, its shaking rather a lot and he is using his right wing to keep himself upright a lot too.

I really need some advice on what I should be doing and if I've done the right thing and some help with finding out what actually has happened to him.

Please help!

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