Reasons to get new ducks


7 Years
In early October, my Khaki Campbells were killed by who knows what, and my life isn't the same without ducks. My mom won't let me get anymore though. I can't think of anything else to say to her to get her to get me more ducks. I hate going to feed the horse and not having my ducks tell me to let them out of their pen. So I need help, I would get campbells again except I like to try new stuff, and I saw a picture of an acona and fell in love. Please Help! I'm not as happy as I used to be and it shows to my friends and family, I think they are getting a little worried about me!

P.S. I know that if my mom won't give in I will just have to wait until I'm grownup and can get them myself, or just take her to the feed-store this spring! (that's how I got my other ones)

it must be very difficult to have lost them. Has the situation changed to prevent another predator attack? I would be reluctant to bring more ducks in unless I could be sure I would not lose them.

Grief takes its own time, and is different for everybody, though it is always painful.
Hey Lissy! When I wanted a puppy, I just sent my mom a long, detailed e-mail about why I should get a puppy, and why it would be good to get one! It worked! You could do the same about ducks! Tell your mom that you would pay for them, and make sure that no predators would be able to get them again.

Hope you can get them! And again, I am sorry about your ducks!
The situation would change, I wouldn't get them till the spring and right now it's to late to remodel our little thingy right now because it is to cold! I still cry myself to sleep every night, and my life isn't the same without them. But I guess if mom says no then it's no and I'll have to wait till college.

That's how we got our puppy! My brothers and I wrote and essay about it, and my dad picked the puppy... sigh
In my opinion, you have to many pets when you can't take care of them well, I would never ever do that to any animal EVER. My mom is still figuring out that we have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 horse... as you know Scottyhorse. I never knew that I would fall in love with ducks, but they put me under that feathery spell!

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