Reclaiming Crumble

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8 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Our 5 - 6 weeks old chicks love their crumble that we give them in one of those chicken feeders with the two rows of oval holes on each side. But when I go out to refill it in the morning and evening, the bigger pieces are all gone and what looks like mostly crumble dust (like sand) is left - and a LOT of it. By a lot, I mean like nearly half of what's in there. The crumble coming out of the bag looks fine, so they're eating that but there's more and more of the "dust" left. I hate to throw it away, grain prices being what they are, but it doesn't look like the chicks can eat it. Is there a way to maybe add water, dry it and re-crumble it? Any other thoughts? Thanks!

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