Recommendations for best incubator and other "need to knows" for new hatching enthusiast

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    Hello! brand new to Backyard chickens and would love opinions and advice on hatching eggs. I would appreciate thoughts on the best incubators for the money, ease of use and safety. Where is the best place to buy hatching eggs and also who would you recommend for show quality birds of all types. The most important thing you have learned about hatching eggs and anything else of importance you can impart. I have been raising chicks from the hatcheries for several years but would love to not have the stress of shipping. Thank you in advance!

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    Where are you from? If it's the USA then I won't be much use on good places to get hatching eggs and show quality birds (I'm from the UK)

    I use Brinsea incubators. They are easy to use, reliable and come in many different sizes to suit different people. They also have a customer helpline which is useful.

    I think the best way to get chicks is to hatch them from your own hen eggs. Do you have any chooks? My mother ordered some Buff Sussex eggs off Ebay. The result wasn't great. Two were infertile and five died in incubation. The other five are in the incubator and hopefully going to hatch in three days. I've not had a great experience with having eggs sent to you.


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