Recommendations for coop/ coop plans (lake effect snow)


Sep 27, 2018
We have 6 chickens (planning on eventually expanding to 15 (give or take), does anyone have a coop / plans they bought that they would recommend (or avoid)
Go with gable vents and big windows with an overhang.
Big roof overhang with open soffits covered with Hardware Cloth.
Go for a bigger coop that you think you need, double the 4sqft per bird 'rule of thumb'.
At least 8x10 for 15 birds.....even bigger would be better, room for storing feed.
Consider a covered run, with a roof framing sturdy enough for snow load and access for roof raking. Plan for clearing snow for easier access. Lake Effect can bury things quick as you know.

Oh, and, Welcome to BYC!
Thanks for adding your location ;)
Welcome! Build big, and sturdy, and very well ventilated.
Look at the Woods coop design, it's wonderful if you can do it.
Otherwise, a modified garden shed works well. Think about following building code/ guidelines for your area so it's sturdy enough. If you figure to underbuild, it won't hold up.
On the other hand, hoop coops, made with cattle panels and some framing, are very useful and easy to build.
Predators love chicken, so pay close attention to keeping them out too.

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