Reconfigured Run for Eglu Go owners -- more access.

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    This post will probably only make sense to Eglu Go with attached run owners—Hopefully, I explain it well enough for Eglu owners to understand.

    • Security so no predator can get into your run---GOOD.
    • Accessibility to the run---NOT SO Good..

    You know what I mean. Access for chickens from Eglu---Access for me from the door at the far end of the run.

    I’ve been a little frustrated by the contortion I need to do to detach/attach the waterer. I also got a “poop free” waterer—reach upward and hang in run doorway.. Everything is stacked up by the door at the end of the run.

    Putting in the movable dust bath--- lift the entire Eglu and Run with the dust bath under the skirting until everything clears…and then the dust bath is in the run by the pop door.

    Today my backporch thermometer was 110F. Clearly, my chickens were feeling the heat.

    I had frozen gallon jugs of ice but getting them into the run with all the other stuff was going to be a challenge.

    Then I reconfigured my Eglu Run. (I have the 2-meter run BTW.)

    The “roof” is actually made of 3-panels, and at the juncture of the side walls and the center of the center roof panel, there are “double run clips”. I decided to remove those and all the run clips on three sides of the middle roof panel. The fourth side, I beefed up with more run clips and use them as a hinge. I beefed up the place where the center double run clips previously were located horizontally, by adding several vertical run clips where those two side walls come together.

    I also added run clips to any other place on my entire run that looked like it could use a little more stability---once I had removed the clips from three sides of the center roof panel.

    Then I could lift the center roof panel like a hatch. This is cool!. I can attach the waterer in the center of the run, not just the end by the access door. I can move things around that I couldn’t access before. I can get in from the top—and have much better ability to place things in the run. Yea!!.

    Partly I think my idea was inspired by “Egg Lou” on the Omlet forum who made Eglu Cube Run access by dropping the upper end panel…but that is a different story.

    I have a dog-leash clip—that one of the dogs chewed off when she was a puppy. I will clip that on the opposite side of the roof panel from the hinges, as a lock. Meanwhile, I just re-secured the three open sides with one run clip each. It is all under the shade cover. I realize that the predator protection is somewhat diminished. But my access is greatly enhanced.

    I had a piece of 1x2 wood that I had stuck in as a “perch”.. I moved it to the very top to rest the lifted ‘hatch’ (roof panel) on, so it won’t fall into the run.

    Here are some picts. Hope the green weldmesh shows up against the green grass. ;O)

    If you have an Eglu Go with attached run, and you would like more access---here is one approach. If you go this route, and if you have better ideas, fixes--- let me know. Thanks!

    Frozen Milk Jugs in center of Run. Temps over 100 F. Notice the protrusion in the shade cover? The shade cloth on the Eglu I use until they have laid, then remove...just keeps it a little bit cooler, I think. Used to use it over part of the run, until I got the bigger shade cover that covers the entire run.

    Hatch Open. See it on the left?

    Stuff, Stuff, Stuff. Resolve Forage block, poop-free waterer, flower pot saucer with frozen gallon jug in, two other gallon jugs, dust bath-- Couldn't possibly put all that stuff by door at far end of run, now could I?

    At the end of the day--- flower pot saucer, ready for the next days' frozen gallon jug which is now refreezing. Glug waterer in the CENTER of RUN! wow
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