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Sep 8, 2014
Carroll Co., east central OH - IO
Hi, I have 3 turkeys, 3 guineas, and 14 or so panties living in a 12x16 she'd, coop, whatever. I also have the 3 amigo left from my original ones. They currently live in one.of those online coops that isn't worth a crap, and I don't even want to think about winterizing it. My question is how do I get the three amigos to move to the main coop? They all free range during the day and shut up at night. 2nd question. I don't think the guineas and turkeys need nesting boxes, but do they? One turkey has laid one shellless egg, and I just want to make sure they don't need a box. 3rd question. The she'd roof slopes 8ft to 6 ft front to rear. How large of events do I need in each end? There will be about 20 guineas, turkeys, and banties in it at night, and whenever they don't want to go out. All answers and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. **** auto correct.
I would just let the older birds go to bed than physically pick them up and put them in the new coop on a roost when they are already catatonic and not able to fight or move. If you do it before a spell of bad weather, than just leave everyone up for a few days. You can also bribe the entire flock with treats to get them in the new coop at night and just close the door behind them. Remove the old coop or keep the door closed. Only putting food in the new coop/run might get them over there as well. It takes mine a few nights to figure things out when I move them from the growout pens to the big house but once one get's it, the rest follow.

I don't know turkeys but guineas lay on the ground. I put some straw down in a private corner of the coop and under the nesting boxes but the only time they lay in the coop is when they are locked up. They prefer to find a quite place away from everyone else, under some bushes and it's not uncommon to find a nest with 20-30 eggs. The problem is once you remove the eggs, they move on and find another place to lay. It is pretty much the end of laying season for guineas so if they are this year's birds, it will be spring before you see your first eggs.

What color eggs do the 14 panties lay? Couldn't figure out #3. Eaves? Overhang?
Last edited: much as possible withut creating drafts on the roost area.
Depends on your climate and prevailing winds.....making vents closable can help with adjustability depending on weather events.
Thanks for the suggestions. The hen and one rooster took right to the new coop. Had to herd the other rooster for a few days. Now he's ok with it.

There are only two banties lazy Nguyen so far. A couple of the silkies just began laying and their eggs are a very light brown. All the other eggs are brown.

I will try to work the events in the next couple of days. Gotta get with the program. Thanks for all comments.

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