Recurrent worms...tapes?? (POO PIC INCLUDED)


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Hello! I wormed all my birds earlier this month with Valbazen using the 3 dose, 24 hr withholding feed method used for tapes. I haven't seen signs of worms in any of my other birds except in my speckled sussex pen (I know you don't have to see worms for the birds to have them). Upon seeing eggs/worms in the SS poop, I have since rewormed three more times, again withholding feed for 24 hours before dosing and worming again in 4 days. They seem perky and lay well enough, but are noticably thin once they are picked up. Kind of at a loss for what to do at this point. Should I try Safeguard?

*just noticed one SS hen walking in circles several times, and is acting some what normal, but wil spin in a circle randomly. Examined her- she is in good weight, but once I opened her mouth she appears to have small lesions like wet fowl pox. This is also the hen that had wet fox pox last year that I nursed back to health. I know the circles thing is typically neurological. She is the only one doing it. I take very strict bio security measures...

If someone could give me their opinion, that would be great. Thanks!
Go to the feed store and buy Zimectrin Gold equine paste. Give your tapeworm infested SS's a "pea" size of the amount of the paste orally. Redose them in 10 days. Withhold feed as before for 24 hours before worming.

I started withholding feed earlier, so I'll definitely worm with Zimectrin tomorrow. Hopefully it will take care of those persistent buggers. Could the worms be causing the bird to walk in circles? Her appetite is good, as is weight and egg laying. I looked at both of her eyes and they were normal. She keeps going to the best box like she wants to lay an egg...I wonder if the two are related?

Quote: Neither the worms nor wormer would be responsible for her to walk in circles. I've never had that happen when dealing with tapes and wormers. She might be eggbound. Try soaking her in a container of warm water up to her sides for about 20 minutes and gently massage her underside front to rear while she's soaking. The warm water will relax her and expand her innards, massaging her underside should help the egg move along.
I will! The circling behavior seems to have quit since she laid an egg. Thank goodness!!! Thank you guys so much!!
Maybe the egg was pressing on a nerve... Never seen that with any of mine, but I guess it could happen?

Well, I just observed her doing it again. It's not constant, just occasional. I'll try putting vitamins in the water in case it's a deficiency for some reason. Puzzling.
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