Recurring infection (?)


Nov 23, 2017
Kimberley, Western Australia
Hi all, I have an old (age unknown) isa brown chook who consistently every month gets sick.
First time it happened, she was pooping out what seemed to be egg white, and her solid poop was an opaque pale yellow with moss green throughout. She looked to be in a lot of pain and her abdomen was swollen. Gave her a bath– whatever she was pooping dissolved really easy, unlike normal poop, in my experience. She perked back up within two days. At the time, we put it down to an egg breaking in her abdomen (though she hasn’t laid since at least 9 months), we watched for further infection but nothing occurred.

This has since happened several more times, but without the egg white-ish. Everytime it happens she takes it worse and she stays fatigued for longer afterwards– although she seems in less pain than the first time. She also eats less when this happens– last time she lost so much weight I had to intervene and feed her sugar water, yoghurt, and bread to get her back on her feet (although now I know bread probably wasn’t the best choice).

This time her abdomen seems more swollen than usual. It’s been three days this time, no improvement and she seems to actually be getting worse– she stumbled from her roost an hour later than she usually would today. Any ideas of what this is and how I can treat it?

Also might be worth mentioning that she’s developed a white crust on her comb that I am yet to diagnose.
Here’s a pic of her comb. It hasn’t progressed much since I noticed it other than it’s gotten darker and there’s a new tiny spot above it. I put it down to age and didn’t think much of it. It’s been there for probably (?) a month or two.
Also a drawing of what her poos look like, colour wise. Always a solid but gooey-enough-to-stick-to-her-bum consistency.


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Try spraying or painting Betadine on her comb. As @dawg53 mentioned, it's likely a fungus. She sounds like her immune system is really getting hammered. Yeasts love to attack when the immune system is being hammered.

I'm also in agreement that she's suffering from chronic reproductive infection, but I don't know if anything is going to help at this stage. Have you tried an antibiotic? It could give her some temporary relief, but I wouldn't expect her to recover from this. It will just keep making her sicker over time. You may need to consider euthanizing her at some point when it looks like she's having more bad days than good ones.
Could you post an actual pic of her poop?
Full body pic?
You don't know her age, how long have you had her?
She hasn't laid in 9mos?
Where are you located?

@azygous @casportpony @dawg53 @Eggcessive
Don’t have any poop pics at the moment, I’ve already washed her (it’s rarely freefalling when she’s ill). We’ve had her for 9 months, we inheritated her when we bought the house we currently live at. According to the owner, she was old and hadn’t laid for several months, and hasn’t laid since we got her.
Located in northern australia, climate this time of year is 20-30°C during the day, and as low as 5°C on a cold night. Though it’s getting warmer now– 40°C during day and 30°C at night.

Can’t supply a full pic atm, she’s sitting under the house.

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