Recycled items for nesting boxes ?

Sierra pachie bars

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Nov 8, 2008
I have found things around house to put in the hen house. I used some stackable crates that I got at target for 9.00 and my hens love it. Also I had a coverd cat box I was going to toss, so I figured it would be big enough for my ducks. But my hens LOVE it. They wait in line for it. I filled it with straw. So before you throw anything out see if you cant recycle it
I love it because its a pink cat box so they have a pink and purple theme in their house. Such girly colors:thumbsup
I use plastic pet carriers for nesting boxes. The hens were using a
fish tank as a nest box. There is an upside down ferret cage in the hen house that they roost on. The "nest boxes" are on the lower 2 levels covered by a tray from a dog crate. The tray is easily removed for cleaning.

Last year I used the ferret cage lying on its side to finish brooding growing chicks.
I had a 3 compartment nest box (originally a bookcase type headboard) that I thought the girls would love. They snub it because they MUCH prefer the old dresser drawer (they stand in line and wait for this one) and the old open suitcase which was THE favorite. The girls would fight over this one, and it really ticked off the rest of the group when one of the buff orpington girls decided to go broody in it...
she has 5 babies so far, and is still sitting on 7 eggs.
I also put a heavy cardboard cat litter box w/ 1 side cut out and they've been using it. The sillies / silkies use the headboard box just fine, so maybe eventually the older girls will decide it's ok for them too.

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