Recycled Vine planter converted into a Coop

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    Jun 21, 2010
    Okarche Oklahoma
    So I had a fencing job in OKlahoma City. A young couple wanted a 6 foot stockade fence put in. Part of the old fence I had to rip out was an old fence built to hold plants that vined out along the fence. The young man asked me if I could Haul it off for him. I replied yes sir. I got it home and Cut it all up. (well actually I cut it then put it on the trailer) My intentions were to build a Coop that Could house 2 sets of breeding birds. This is what I came Up with. (you will have to scroll down to my Post in Oklahoma to see it Since I didn't want to get into trouble for double posting it else where thanks. I am currently working on the Fence and divider and I am gonna Put a cover over it. I try to build everything I have with recycled materials Hope you enjoy.
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