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    I got this little lady, named Miss Adventure, sometime ago. She was sold to me as a Rhode Island Red with another girl. Her presumed sister now has much bigger waddles and comb. in fact, the sister's are closer to those the size of a Leghorn. She also lays jumbo brown eggs.
    Misadventure lays large brown eggs. She is physically larger and weighs nearly a pound heavier than the Rhode Island Red. She is very friendly and loves being picked up going for walks in my suburban neighbourhood. She really doesn't even cluck like the RIR. The cluck is quieter and deeper and sounds more like a squak. Some have suggesed she might be a buckeye or a Deleware/RIR sexlink, and ideas? In this photo, she is about a year old.


    This girl was sold to me by a farmer who had a 4H hen/rooster breeding pair managed by his boys. The hen laid blue eggs while the rooster was hatched from a blue egg. This lady lays olive green eggs and has greenish legs as well as ear tuffs and a beard. She is all white when not digging in the yard. Does she look like an Amerucana? I was guessing EE, but am not sure due to her lineage. BTW, the farmer made no claims about her breed line and such, she and the other bred hens were a way for his boys to earn their spending money.
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    Sounds like it has some sort of green egg layer gene in it. With the beard and cheek tufts I'd say EE!
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    Looks like a pure RIR to me. The second one is an EE with some very green legs [​IMG]
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    The first hen is a Production Red (Hatchery will call them Rhode Island Red) but there not true R.I. Reds.


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