Red around eyes & a bit puffy on chicks

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    Question for all-
    I had a serama chick hatch out 6 weeks ago with a swallen eye. I treated for 2 weeks and it stayed swallon and would close and I would open and flush and put med in the eye. I put it down after trying for a few weeks. I did have her with others. I have since noticed maybe three 4 to 12 week olds now with kinda pink around the eye and a tad puffy. They just dont look right so I pulled the two that I noticed and looked at the eyes and couldnt see anything. I did apply some preasure to one that looked a bit puffier than the other and a tiny bit of hard like puss came out. I pushed a bit harder and a hard white clump core came out. No eye worm but not sure what. Someone freaked me out and said mereks but I thought if mereks, the eyes closed or swelled not like this. Again, this is not oozing or wet puss but it is harder. The eyes look pretty normal except maybe a little swallon. It has to be contagious because a few have it but no adults. No birds are sick that I can see. All get fresh food and water. The first chick that hatched out a few weeks ago with the swollen shut eye does not look like the ones that are swallen now so im not sure if they are related or what? Suggestions?
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