Red, bloodyish rash on chicks faces...mites?

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    Yesterday I noticed that 2 of my 6 chicks had some blood on their faces. I thought at first that it was from being pecked by another chick. I'm now wondering if it's something else, more of a rash thing.
    They are not acting any differently than normal, no listlessness, weirdness, etc. My chicks are really not super pecky to each other and I really just don't think it's from pecking... my mom agrees that it looks more like a rash.
    Could it be from mites?

    Here are some pictures, hope they show well enough what I can see.

    The big purple mark by her eye was more bloody yesterday...

    Other side: You can see more of the purple

    My other chick: Harder to see on her, but it's extra red on part of her comb, the bottom beak and by her eye... there are a few small red spots that were bloody last night.

    Any ideas?? I feel so bad for the little chooks! [​IMG]
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    I do not know,hears a bump
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    I'm not seeing a rash there......if it is parasited, you can actually see them. Really look under the wings, and if you move those feathers and look right at their skin, if there are any mites or lice, you can actually see them crawling around. Also check the vent area.

    You can always dust them with Sevin Dust too, but I only do that if I actually see the creepy crawlies.

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