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Nov 30, 2018
I've noticed a few of my Golden Comets have red bottoms. They are missing feathers and the skin seems irritated. We looked to see if we saw any bugs and didnt notice anything but we did sprinkle DE in the coop just incase. All the hens lay regularly. Free range during the day and eat layena pellets and all seem to have normal behavior. I have noticed that some of their poop has been a little runny and super stinky. The photo of the chicken is the worst of the bunch. Some of them hardly have any redness, and our america has nothing which leads me think it isnt pests.


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Feb 12, 2015
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Some mites will only be visible at night, they live in the coop and come out to feed on the chickens after dark when they are roosting. Take them off the roost and inspect then with a flashlight or lantern. If you find anything, then you will need a permethrin product to treat both the birds and the coop.
They also could be feather picking. Usually the bird doing most of the picking will be pristine, and the victims will show feather loss/damage. This can happen also when they go to roost and are in tight quarters. When I see bare butts, it's usually feather picking on the roosts. They will turn their face away from the picker to protect it, and thus the butt is now the target. Depending on how many birds you have and how much roost space, you may need to do something there to give them more space.
Occasional runnier or stinkier poo's could just be cecal droppings, which would be normal, they will have them several times a day. If you don't think it's that, then pictures would help.

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