Red butt hen


7 Years
May 24, 2012
I have two of my nine month old hens with very red butts. One is a black jersey giant the other is a coco maran. Both girls have been laying since just after christmas and have both molted already. I was using the purple spray to help them heal and prevent hen picking, only these two birds seem to be having a problem with bright red butts. All my laying hens were treated with this buttheblack jersey named jellybean still seems to not be able to heal and shows no signs of new feathers its been almost eight weeks. how can i help her she swaks alot as if in pain she never did thisbefore the redness. would love some help?
Hi Tiger38

Welcome to BYC forum.... I noticed one of my chickens today with a messy behind, and when I washed it---I couldn't even get it all cleaned so -- tomorrow a serious bath for her with shampoo etc. I did notice that her skin looks irritated.

My only guess is that I mixed up a dust bath with sand, DE, wood ashes, and the soil here is very has she been scraping herself and it is a mild form of abraision? I think I am going to put some kind of oil or lotion on her behind tomorrow.

I will be really interested to see what answers you get...I don't think mine is from being picked/plucked---I think it is something else...and it is her skin that is irritated....

Hope someone knows just exactly what could cause the irritation....

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