Red Cockeral NN . . . Not a sound.


10 Years
Jul 2, 2013
This Red NN was thought to be a Cockerel.

Now This Black Pullet is Crowing and not the Red NN ?

How many Rosters to Hens is Best . . . we only have 4 Pullets if both are Rosters
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The Red NN could still be a cockerel, just a quiet one!
Likewise, hens can crow in certain situations, though usually when there's a lack of a rooster.
Have your roosters established dominance yet? It's likely that the black one (if indeed a rooster) is higher in the pecking order than your Red NN, hence why he feels confident enough to crow while the NN doesn't.

In truth, four girls to two boys is a little much. We had two roosters to 10 girls and they still got over-mated, with bald backs. There are some situations in which the numbering could work, but that all depends on rooster personality. More realistically it'd be best to get rid of a rooster, or get more hens.

Of course, this all depends on if you keep them together 24/7, as well. Our roosters are separate from the hens and only allowed out with them during free range.
if BYC guesses are correct our Guaranteed 6 Pullets are unknown Roos.?

Pebbles BYC - Undecided ..... Hoping for a Hen

Hawk : BYC thought to be Roo

Lady - Roo and Crowing

CottN : BYC undecided, Has tiny Comb and Red Shoulders

Small Comb:

Turk: BYC undecided ?

Redd : BYC votes a Roo

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Hmm, I just looked at those pics and really think that Cotton and Pebbles look like pullets. Still will need to complain to your seller though about how many roos you ended up with. Guaranteed, huh?
Seller replied " : she ordered them and paid for Pullets, and asked what kind they were, I've little idea so I sent pic also said if she guaranteed them to be pullets then she would will cover them.

NOW What : 6 days to decide who goes ......

I thought/think CottN and Pebble were Hens. as well

BYC say Roos -

I want to keep Nn Redd. and - Maybe Pebbles - CottN w/ Redd would be Great Chicks
Rough that you'll have to be rid of them after this long, but good on your seller for being willing to fix it. The more I look at CottN the more I'd bet actual money that she's a pullet. Also, curious as to what breed Hawk is. Coloring is beautiful! Redd is a roo if I ever saw one, but can't really say on Turk. I'm not very familiar with turkens I'm afraid, so can't say for sure, but despite Turk's big comb I can't shake how much she/he reminds me of one of my hens, also with a large red comb. More certain with CottN and Pebbles, but I'd hesitate to call Turk a roo as well.

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