Red comb/waddles, egg squat & SUCH an appetite!


8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
Rio Linda, CA
My Buff Orpington (BO) is 21 weeks old very close to POL. She is showing all the signs with her red face and has been doing the egg squat for a week now. Plus, she is eating like a pig! Has anyone else noticed that before their first egg, they begin to eat ALOT????

The other 2 pullets seem to respect her need for food and sort of stand to the side watching her devour any new food I bring? They always have a couple feeders full of feed, but should I give her 'extra' food to make sure she is getting the neccesary nutrition? Oh, I also introduced Layer feed a couple weeks ago but mix in Flock raiser, scratch and BOSS.

I'm so excited for her first egg.
Funny you should mention little bantam would eat anything and everything; even fighting with the bigger girls over a piece of lettuce. But yes, I noticed that mine have had greater than normal appetites the last few days and 2 of them have just laid their first egg.
Finally, Buffy layed her first egg @ 22 weeks old. I guess this would be considered a "pullet egg" since it is so tiny - but cute!
Thank you. It is just the cutest little egg! I almost hate to eat it.
The egg is just the color we thought it would be, from our Buff Orpington...just miniature.
I love it when I find the tiny eggs. They just seem special to me, probably because they're miniature. And uncommon.

Enjoy the egg! I bet it's delicious..........
great! congrats!

speaking of buff orp... my girl is about 30 weeks and she still has NOT laid an egg yet
...thought she was suppose to be my winter egg laying champion... oh well...i guess she'll be ready when she's ready... her comb and face is still relatively pinkish...her waddles are not red like the same age coop mates but she's just as big..even the tiny brown leghorn is already laying......

anywho enjoy... my kids ate our first eggs before i had time to do anything with it haha
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