Red featherless tummy?

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    We bought 3 Buff about 1.5 months ago and we thought we had everything worked out on getting the flock use to the new girls. Well seems that wasn't the case, 7 of the girls were all raised together and our three RIR were having no part of the largest Buff, but who looked the youngest. They would attack her all the time, every time she would go in the coop they would jump on her and the Buff would just squat down and they would start pecking at out.

    To stop this problem my husband made a brand new coop and put the 3 RIR and our Rock Barred in there since after the first night of the reds out, RB did the same thing.

    Anyway, to the problem at hand. The second night as we were catching the reds to put them in for the night, I noticed when hubby had Anna that her tummy was angry red and no feathers on it. It felt very warm to the touch and she wasn't happy about me touching it either.

    She has been this way for a few days, (bad me for not posting sooner but I've been down with a flu bug). In the new coop she is sleeping in the "doorway" half in, half out.

    Any idea what it is and what we should do for her? Thanks for any help.

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    I suppose she could have pulled her feathers out and want to be broody... Have you seen her lingering in the nest boxes at all?

    It looks too clean for her to have gotten pecked on her tummy, I feel. You could put some iodine or Blu Kote on her skin to make it a less attractive target.

    Is her abdomen hard or super full and squishy? Do you feel any masses in her?

    Check her over for mites and lice... Sometimes, chickens can pull their own feathers out in itchy frustration!


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