Red Hen is Ailing


In the Brooder
8 Years
Dec 25, 2011
My young RIR was attacked by a predator about 9 days ago. Red hen was broody and was attacked while on the nest one night. She seemed all right, but she has suddenly been going downhill for the last three days. This morning she was so lethargic that I thought she was dead. Her underside is filthy and has been picked clean of feathers. She has trouble standing, but moves herself around the pen, takes long rests, then moves again. I have tried to keep her in the henhouse near the food and water, but she chooses to move away. The other two hens seem unconcerned. Needless to say, she hasn't laid eggs for the last 5 days. Her comb is still red.

I hate to see her suffering, but I don't want to euthanize a hen who might make a full recovery. I've lost two other hens over the last 5 years. One disappeared altogether (feral cats run amok here), while the other was dragged to a chain link fence in the style of a raccoon.

Any suggestions?

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