Red Hen's Eggs Getting Lighter---Showing Signs of Weight Loss. Sickne?

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    Dec 18, 2010
    One of our red hen's (red star, mixed linage) eggs are getting lighter each time she lays. This is unusual, because she's a young bird (only a year or so) and has until now laid dark eggs. The difference has been very noticeable.
    Also, she has been showing signs of weight loss. Thin breast, bony. However, she has been eating and getting a proper diet and plenty of water. And has not been exposed to any sick birds. Could she be ill? Or is there another reason for the weight loss and change in egg color?

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  2. weight loss I would guess is worms, assuming she has access to a good complete feed. egg color change might just be the way her cycle is going to be. Its hard to tell since she has a mixed lineage. Several breeds will lay dark and get lighter during the month, then will go dark again at the start of the next cycle.
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    I'd probably worm her. Most chemical worming means the loss of her eggs for a few weeks. Has she ever taken a time out to moult and not lay? She sure sounds like she's due to take a break. Do you supplement the lighting?
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