red in the poop?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
i just got 2 new baby chicks approx 1w old. we had them out this morning and in one of the poops that they pooped there was some bright red in it... blood? they act completely normal... is this something to worry about? thankyou!
I'm a newbie here, but the first thing I'd think of is coccidiosis. You can run a search on this website for information about it.

You haven't been feeding your chicks anything that might come through their systems red, like beets or anything, have you?
Coccidiosis can cause bloody poops, but it is rare for chicks that young to get it. Is it reddish-brown liquidy poop? And are they having normal poops in addition to the red-brown liquidy stuff? If so, you may just be seeing what is called "cecal" poop. I believe that they do this stuff about 1 in 7 or 8 poops, it's normal.

If that (cecal poop) doesn't explain it, there may be something else going on. There is a chance for various intestinal ailments that can cause bloody poo. But at 1 week old, I'd pretty much rule out cocci.
no this wasn't in their cecal poop. it was in a regular solid poop. the poop sorta fell apart in two pieces and the chunk in between the two pieces was a bright red piece.

they act 100% completely normal and fine. in fact they are quite on the spunky side... not sure how I feel about that LOL! they seem to be a bit more spunky than my others were at this age...
they are constantly getting out and well they took a bath in their water earlier LOL.
Cocci typically presents with lethargy, so if they are all acting spunky, I'd just closely watch them. To prevent cocci, the #1 thing is to keep their bedding DRY and keep them WARM. Chicks can easily spill waterers and get their bedding wet, so watch closely for that. Good luck!
well they are doing a good job of keeping WET! LOL! Like I said, the seem to think their water is a place to play LOL!!!!

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