Red mite infestation

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May 12, 2016
Hi it is summer here in the uk and after returning from my holiday yesterday I have found my hen house is totall riddled with red mite.
I have taken the house out of the big run and I'm going to let my hens roost in our enclosed large run overnight (it is fox proof). I have a pressure washer so I will get to work on the house. Can anyone recommend some effective products please.
Look on the internet for and see if you can get them to ship to the UK a product called "Elector premise pest control. I've just got some and used it on my chickens and there's no egg withdrawal period. It can be sprayed inside the coop and run, too.

It's been said to be far more effective than most other powders and sprays. But be prepared for the hefty price tag. Around $150 US dollars for 8 ounces, but it's highly concentrated and a small bottle will last for several years worth of applications.

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