Red mites please help - used permectin


10 Years
Aug 12, 2011
Hi all.

I posted last week about mites in coop and at my wits end. So I saw some mites last week when collecting eggs and initially went to farm store who recommended DE which I bought and doused house.
I then came on here and saw that people think it’s rubbish and got a recommended avian spray containing permectin which I used on Friday evening. I also kept birds out of coop for two nights. I then let them back in last night. Sprayed again at lunchtime today but noticed that there were red mites again so they obviously had a great feast last night. Went out there now to have a look and after spraying 3 hours ago the big full red mites are still moving around. Why is this not working?? What am I doing wrong or what else can I try? Thank you.
Incredibly grossed out by it and the fact that Every time I come in I have them in my hair 🤢
It takes at least 3 or 4 weekly treatments. It doesn't kill the mites eggs so repeat treatments are necessary to kill the mites when they hatch. No need to keep the birds out of their coop. Let it dry and then let the birds back in. I also use poultry dust in the nest boxes. What is your mixture? This is the same as permectin.


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