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May 30, 2009
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Is there a big difference as to using a clear or red heat bulb? I read that chicks see red as black so they can sleep easier, but they're soooo expensive! Does it matter? Thanx!
It's said and I believe that you will have less trouble with pecking issues with the red bulb, plus the chicks do sleep better. The red is worth the extra $$ IMO.
I have always used the clear lights and never had anyproblems... I wish I had the red one now though since the chicks are in my bedroom
I used a red heat lamp and it provided the perfect heat. I never had any problems with pecking either. And the chicks slept fine. I know this because I was camped out with a sleeping bag right next to them.
They say red decreases violence; I can attest because over 50 quail are dead with a white heat lamp, and 0 are dead with a red one.

Crazy, right? It makes me mad, though. I AM SO STUPID!!!
So you can spray paint a clear one with red?? i couldn't find any more red and I need another heat lamp, so if thats safe I think thats the way I will go
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I think you need to be careful about spray painting..... If the light is hot, you don't want the spray paint getting hot!
Also the red light is a little more money, but IMO as well, worth the money!
The red light I think it hotter. We have both and used red when they birds were little and currently if it gets too chilly (a couple nights have been) we turn it on (also to allow them to see to go in the coop at dusk) and I believe the red light is hotter than the white. We will switch back to red I think it it gets as cold this winter as they're predicting.......
Thank you, I think I will bring it back and either order online or wait until they get more red ones in

ETA: Blue are the same as red? I am trying to look up info but can't find any
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