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    Jun 19, 2013
    Hi there, I have two ameraucana hens, consequently the only two hens that are laying so far, that had a whitish yellow crust on their backside, followed by a red and raw looking vent. They both just began laying, as of last week and that is about when I started seeing the white on their backsides. I cleaned both of them and saw that there was no blockage at the vent, just redness, so I don't believe that it is pasty butt. Vent gleet came to mind but I was wondering if it had anything to do with that fact that I have a rooster who has been mating with them. Sweetpea is darn near twice their size and since they are the only ones of "of age," he seems to be quite attentive to them. I checked for mites and worms but all looks good. Stools are normal, they are both eating and acting just as spunky as ever, laying one egg a day each. There is a little bit of missing feathers around the vent, I think due to plucking by them or by the others. I have them both in quarantine right now... Any suggestions? Could this be gleet or maybe is it left over sperm... chickens can expel almost 80% of the sperm after mating (talk about built in birth control:)... it doesn't look like poop.
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    Apr 26, 2011
    Well I don't know if the rooster is causing it.I have a barred rock that has a bare red but also.and I have no rooster.At first I thought she was molting.but she has lost very few feathers and this has been going on for months.I have dusted her for mites and lice.she has not laid for two hens are due to be wormed this month.but due to the frigid temperatures we are having,i decided to wait anther week or so.

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