Red Skin after attack

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    We have a barred rock that decided to strike out on her own. One week ago she slept outside for 3 nights before we could find her and get her back in. She was caught by something, she lost a lot of feathers and had two relatively minor abrasions on her side/back. I isolated her and treated with silvadene cream. One of the cuts/bites has healed fine. Her feathers are starting. But the second abrasion the skin all around is red and at first I thought there was a lump or knot. I called the vet and he did not seem to think she needed systemic antibiotics from what I told him.

    SO. What can I get from a farm store or I can call the vet back and ask for something. She is eating fine, seems fine except her stools have been somwhat loose and green today. She layed her first egg today, one week after attack.

    Thanks all!
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    So glad you found her! The silvadene cream would be fine to keep on the red skin and hopefully her feathers will grow back in if the follicles weren't damaged too much. Silvadene is used on burn victims and has great healing and antibacterial properties as well. You can add some active culture yogurt or kefir to some scrambled eggs or cooked oatmeal to get her intestinal tract settled down. She's been through an ordeal for sure!

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