red speckling on eggs


13 Years
Jan 14, 2010
Hello. I have a RIR and Australorp that just began laying a few weeks ago. Occasionally the brown egg has small red speckles on it. Is that okay? Thanks and have a good one, Gossamer
Perfectly fine, not all eggs just like people come out the same!!
They are so pretty in a bowl sitting on the counter! I love getting those. I call them my freckle eggs.
They are speckled but it is actually dark red in color.. like blood spots. I don't know how to post a pic yet.... Gossamer
Click at the top on "uploads" ... find the picture you want on your computer by browsing then click upload. After it uploads it'll give you a thumbnail (small, don't use it) and image (use this one) URL. Highlight the whole URL by left clicking, then right click to copy. In a reply right click again and hit "paste" to click the URL link into the reply. Once you post the reply it'll put the pic in.
Thanks I can't get them to show up in pics though.....I guess if they are likely normal we'll be okay! Thanks, Gossamer

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