Red spot with no feathers on chest

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  1. StippChick

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    Nov 28, 2010
    We just got our hens, 4 RSA browns, a few weeks ago and are still trying to figure all this out.

    One of our girls, QB, came with this spot on her chest where there were no feathers and it is bright red. We sort of thought it was left over molting and haven't done a thing about it. It looks brighter red today. She eats and seems plenty energetic-walking around, jumping up on the roosts, etc. I'm not sure if she is laying, because we never know who is laying where. We get from 1-3 eggs per day.

    Also, yesterday I noticed feathers in the coop and run and that Speckles' feathers seemed ruffled/mussed. Today Speckles is missing feathers on her upper chest-maybe her crop area? It's not skin like QB, there are the spindly feather tips, but I'm worried. Is this a molt? It just got real cold this week (teens at night, 20s during the day). They have an unheated coop inside the garage and an outside run.
    Thoughts? Thank you!!

  2. Miss Lydia

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    could someone be doing so serious feather pecking? how about protien what amount do they get?

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