Red Star? Partridge Rock? More pics, help me id!!


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Jun 9, 2010

there! I'm new to having chickens! These are my first 3! I was told at the feed store where I bought them that they were
all females, but after joining the forum and reading tons of stuff about them, I'm not
sure at all. Fiona, my lighter one I was told was probably a RIR. After seeing more pics, I'm wondering if she could be a
Red Star, or Red sexlink? Also, my 2 darker ones, I have no idea. I was Leaning towards partridge rock. Not sure if it's too soon to tell the sexes either? Any help would be VERY greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

My pics are on photobucket, the link is above!
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First one is probably Production Red-they are lighter in color then real Rhode Island.Other 2 look Partrige Rocks.Too early for gender but I hope for girls
Thanks for your input! I'm hoping
for girls too. It's amazing how attached I've already gotten!
I can't keep roo's in the city I'm in, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!
I have red stars and they were a buff color when they were chicks. So I'm pretty sure they are not that. Good luck though.
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