red stars have begun


11 Years
May 11, 2008
My 21 week old red stars have all started laying - I have 3 and have been getting 3 eggs a day for the last week - they are pretty much laying in the same spots.

I have 3 RIR that are a week or two younger. Two don't have that bright red comb, but one is cherry red. I don't think any of them are laying yet, at least I haven't found any eggs. Do RIR start later than the Red Star or Red Sex link? When I got the Red Star, I was told what great layers - production birds they called them - they would be. I'm not in a hurry for eggs. I'm mostly just not wanting a cache of eggs to be hidden that eventually goes rotten. My chickens have free range of an acre or so, much of it with a heavy brush that I'm not keen on rooting through on an egg hunt -- but it provides me a ton of raspberries blackberries in the summer, so I'm not keen on cutting it down - also it is good cover for the chooks.


11 Years
Feb 24, 2008
Carrollton, GA
My Red Stars has started before everyone else. She's been laying daily and always in the same nest box. She doesn't have the personality some of the others have, but you've gotta love the consistency.

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