Red Stars?


8 Years
Mar 14, 2011
I am thinking of ordering some baby chicks and was wondering if Red Stars or black australorp chickens are broody or not also if they make good mothers!

I would really like to know ..thanks in advance!
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They are supposed to be super layers. I have 3 that are about 10 weeks old and they are friendly and tame. Broodiness? Never heard anything either way.
I have a broody BA right now tending to her own chick that she hatched. She did a great job sitting on eggs and has been a wonderful momma. Very protective of her baby.
A red star is a hatchery name for a hybrid.

It will not likely be broody. It has been bred out of them, for all intents and purposes. This hybrids's purpose is eggs, eggs and eggs. It will also not breed true, so using it for breeding makes for an interesting and often quite mottled and strange result. If you desire broodiness, do not look toward the sex links such as the Red Star.
I own a flock of Gold Comets aka Red Stars, and I can tell you from experience that you will not find a bird LESS likely to be a good mother. They are adorable, docile, friendly, and lay eggs like it's going out of style, but heavens help you if you want them to brood.

You could always get a mixed flock, some for laying or colors you like, and a bird or two for brooding everyone's eggs. That's what most people do, and it really works.

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