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    Oct 24, 2011

    I've noticed my 3 year old bluebell hybrid has a very swollen abdomen below her vent. The skin is very red. There's no feathers on her belly but new ones have started to grow. She is due for a moult because she's looking a bit tatty bless her.

    She hasn't laid an egg for weeks now. She isn't the best of layers and often has a few days off now and again.

    She's eating absolutely fine. Today I've given her a bit of a boost with hardboiled eggs mixed with multi vitamins and I've just given her a warm bath with some antiseptic dettol.

    She's had very loose poo over the last week sometimes very watery and it would be really matted on her few feathers below her vent. She walks around as if she's conata trying to have a poo byvopening her vent.

    I gave her wormer yesterday and today.

    If anyone knows what might be happening I'd really appreciate some help!

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