Red Tailed hawk attack

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    My next-door neighbor had 3 of his chickens taken by a red tailed hawk this morning. One of his little chickens was taken in the stable right in front of him. I am now so scared to turn my own little darlings out tomorrow morning. My husband saw this hawk fly over our property just before he attacked my neighbors chickens. What can I do to keep this evil creature from getting my girls.
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    I use 2 inch overhead heavy knotted netting. Always hang it for a snow load. Don't hang it from the fencing- only from the posts or it will pull the fencing over when it snows. I weave a rope through the edges and tie the rope to metal posts with metal wire. I buy mine from it is kind of spendy but my little silkies would not survive here without it as we have lots of hawks.

    Hawks are federally protected and thus all you can do it try to keep your little ones safe. Note the hawk shelter on the right for the large fowl- sheets of metal roofing elevated on concrete blocks. I also elevate pallets on concrete blocks for my large fowl to hide from hawks.
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