Redneck 'sorta automatic' egg turner solution

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    Jun 1, 2016
    Just finished my first incubation, and I am hooked! It was only 9 eggs, but it still seemed to take forever to turn them all by hand. I also lost 2 chicks right after hatching to umbilical infections, so I wanted somehow to turn them without touching every single egg 2-3 times per day. Meet my redneck solution.
    I measured how far the eggs would have to roll to make a complete 180° turn. I subtracted that from the width of the incubator, and cut 2" x 4" coated wire (left over from chicken-proofing the garden) in that size. Due to the size of the incubator, I had to cut the ends of some of the squares, but the wire is still strong enough to turn the eggs. I can now fit up to 30 eggs (one in each square) and can turn them in 3 seconds flat by either pushing or pulling the wire across the incubator floor.
    This is great for tightwads like me (either by choice or necessity) who don't want to blow $40-60 dollars on an automatic turner.

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