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  1. CayugaLover

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    have you ever read the Redwall book series by Brian Jaques (i think that's how it's spelled[​IMG])? i loved those books! so, why not start a redwall RP?

    joining form:
    race: (as in, mouse, squirrel, hare, hedgehog...)
    family: (spouse, kids, sister/brother...)
    faction: (side)
    abbot/abbess (leader) ~1~ reserved
    warrior of redwall ~1~ open
    friar ~1~ open
    cooks (friar's assistants) ~10~ open
    gatekeeper ~1~ open
    gatekeeper's wife ~1~ open
    recorder ~1~ open
    infirmery nurses ~5~ open
    skipper of otters(must be otter, leader of otters) ~1~open
    foremole(must be mole, leader of moles[expert at digging]) ~1~open
    badgermum (must be female badger, usually old.) ~1~ open
    celler keeper(must be hedgehog, usually likes ale. also takes care of cheeses) ~1~open
    other redwall creatures~unlimited open
    dibbuns~unlimited open
    badgerlord(must be male badger) ~1~open
    captains (must be male hares) ~3~open
    lutenants (usually male, always hares) ~2 per captain~open
    runners (young hares) ~4~open
    boxing champion hare ~1~open
    regular foot soldiers ~unlimited open
    the ClawFangs (the bad guys i'm making up :p)
    leader fox ~1~open
    leader snake~1~open
    captain foxes ~5~ open
    captain snakes ~5~ open
    cook ~1~open
    healer/enchantress (must be vixen[female fox])~1~open
    other Clawfangs ~i'm not going to keep count but let's keep it around 25
    the sparrows in redwall's attic: (for more excitment i'm splitting the sparrows into two groups)
    king of Aerofeather tribe ~1~open
    king of Strongbeak tribe ~1~open
    queen of Aero. tribe ~1~open
    queen of Strong. tribe ~1~open
    other royalty, Aero. tribe ~3~open
    other royalty, Strong. tribe ~3~open
    second-in-command for Aero. tribe ~1~open
    second-in-command for Strong. tribe ~1~open
    other sparrows~unlimited
    Guerilla shrews:
    logalog (leader) ~1~open
    other shrews~unlimited
    squirrels: unlimited
    otters: unlimited
    hedgehogs: unlimited
    mice: unlimited
    gerbil: 2
    sparrows: unlimited
    moles: unlimited
    badgers: unlimited
    hares: unlimited
    shrews: unlimited
    weasel: unlimited
    stoat: unlimited
    fox: unlimited
    snake: unlimited
    rat: unlimited
    wildcat: 5
    birds of prey: 5
    anything else: ask me first.
    all BYC rules apply
    no bad words
    don't kill anyone else's charrie without their consent
    no perfect charries and no complete jerks (except maybe leaders of ClawFangs)
    try and be nice
    you control only your charries, not anyone elses
    when fighting, the rule is: 4 attacks per post, you may only dodge 1 in 4 attacks, and an injury must be at least as bad as a papercut.
    have fun!!!

    as soon as i have enough charries i'll make a memeber page and add a link here.
    this RP is still under construction, but you may make charries now :)
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  2. What redwall? i might wanna read it
  3. I may want to join. I have read Redwall.Isn't it a good story?!? I have an Rp myself. It is called Packs.
    I will think about joining.
  4. chikken4

    chikken4 In the Brooder

    Feb 2, 2013
    I'll join! I just finished the first book. It's so good!
  5. CayugaLover

    CayugaLover The Duck Whisperer

    :D thanks! i'll look forward to RPing with you!
  6. SFox63

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    May 2, 2013
    I've been looking for a good redwall rp for a bit now, but most are on forums. Are ya'll still doing it? if so lemme know o.o
  7. CayugaLover

    CayugaLover The Duck Whisperer

    if you're still interested than i still am! sorry i took so long to respond!

  8. SFox63

    SFox63 Hatching

    May 2, 2013
    Yeah I'd love to
  9. CayugaLover

    CayugaLover The Duck Whisperer

  10. CayugaLover

    CayugaLover The Duck Whisperer

    name: gwendolynne
    age: old
    gender: female
    race: mouse
    family: her spouse, tiz.
    faction: redwall
    other: she is abbess of redwall
    username: CayugaLover

    name: tiz
    age: old
    gender: male
    race: mouse
    family: gwendolynne
    faction: redwall
    other: abbess's husband
    username: CayugaLover

    name: fizz
    age: 10 (the ages are not in people years)
    gender: f
    race: hummingbird
    family: none
    faction: redwall
    other: would like to be defender of abbey but doesn't think a hummingbird could
    username: CayugaLover

    name: phoenix
    age: 15
    gender: F
    race: squirrel
    family: none
    faction: redwall
    other: has flaming red fur with golden-yellow underbelly.

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