refridgerated vs warm shipped eggs.....


10 Years
Aug 4, 2009
Central Florida
has anyone ever tried this?

i have a man at the feed store that brings in his eggs as eating eggs, and they're in the fridge, but i hatch them at 100 percent.

i had a woman once send me 2 doz refridgerated and 2 doz warm hatching eggs, and the results were many more cold eggs hatched then warm.

i am thinking of doing an experiment to see if refridgerating eggs before shipping actually gives you a better hatch rate. and will post the results as i get them...but was wondering if anyone else has had the same results.

input is greatly needed and appreciated.
When I hatch out my own I always stick them in fridge while Im collecting in a bag in teh veggie drawer-I have great hatches with them!!!!

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