Refrigerate or Not ???


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Jun 14, 2017
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Counter (Or rather, the top of the microwave) because there's only so much room in the refrigerator over the "eggsplosion" months of April-July. Refrigerator because the whites do keep firmer in the refrigerator, especially when part of your flock is older and makes more watery yolks already.


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Jun 14, 2017
Central PA
I have never left out eggs for so long that they have gone bad. Upwards of a month is fine, for unwashed eggs. I refrigerate washed eggs, if we have an abundance. If we're going to use them within the week, they tend to just stay on the microwave.

The whites do lose some integrity after extended periods—after about a week, more if it's cooler than 70 degrees, they get a bit watery. In hot weather, they go watery pretty fast. That's why we collect eggs multiple times a day in the summer.


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We leave ours out. Unless we have to wash them due to dirt, or if a buyer prefers them refrigerated. We eat ours without refrigeration. Unless we have a pile of older eggs... Those go in the fridge and are boiled because older eggs make better hard boiled eggs than fresh ones


Apr 21, 2018
Store mine in the cupboard under the sink, unless I've had to wash them. We generally don't refrigerate eggs in the UK. They're good for a month at least, and some experiments have shown they can last for at least 7 months. Go watery, but not off.

Someone pranked us at uni one Apr by hiding eggs all over the house. We found one in a coat pocket some time around Christmas. Cracked it out of curiosity. It was fine.


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Are there any certain reason why people prefer this??
Easier. No reason to refrigerate when I use or sell them within 2 weeks at most. I won't put unwashed eggs in fridge..and I don't like to wash them. Condensation forming on egg surface when removed from fridge bugs me.

How long do they last sitting out compared to refrigeration??
Also with leaving them out does it make any difference in cooking?
Not as long probably but not a concern here.
They fry up faster when 'warm', some cooking/baking recipes specify to let eggs warm to room temp before using.

My notes on Washing Eggs:
I don't wash eggs unless they are very dirty, then will refrigerate or use immediately because thorough washing will remove all the protective bloom(cuticle).

Eggs should be washed in 'water warmer than the egg'.

Simple physics, using colder water will cause the egg contents to contract, causing any 'germs' on exterior surface of egg shell to be pulled into the interior of egg thru the shell pores. Using warmer water will do the opposite.

I don't use any soap or other cleaning/sanitizing agent, just rotate in my hands to 'scrub' all surfaces area of egg shell. Then I air and towel dry before placing in the fridge.

If you are washing eggs for sale to the general public, other requirements may apply, so check your state regulations.

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