Refrigerating Hatching Eggs ~ How long have you done it?

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8 Years
Mar 13, 2011
San Antonio, Tx
I know I have heard of a lot of people that have had success refrigerating eggs after they were laid and hatching them at a later point in time.... I'm wondering HOW long have you done it and still had reasonable success???

My incubator is totally FULL for about another 15 days. My Japaneses Bantam keeps laying eggs but she WONT go broody. She just keeps knocking the eggs out of the nest. Every time I check on her I find them rolled around her pen. The eggs are fertile & the ones in my incubator are developing nicely. This her first year laying.

I would like to hatch some more of her eggs and was wondering if anyone has had success refrigerating eggs for 10+ days and still hatching them?
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