Regarding Khaki Campbells and Cayugas


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Jan 27, 2011
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Can you tell me your experience with Khaki campbells?

I read a thread about Cayugas, but if you have those I'd be happy to hear about them as well...
I'm excited!

I heard good things about muscovies, but they are so ugly...
I have a Cayuga drake and Khaki Campbell x Cayuga duck. The drake was over a year old. The duck was 4 months old.

Both of them are living in my guest bathroom right now (they don't like the chickens, so I removed them from the chicken coop). I spend a lot of time with them. It tool a couple of weeks, but both of them are now very affection towards my husband and me. They love to cuddle, but not be held.

The drake is very protective of "his" duck, but he's sweet nonetheless. The duck was more flighty when I got her, but became friendly even faster than the Cayuga. She started to lay about an egg a day at 5 months.

Two of my dogs would love to eat the ducks, but the other three are scared of them. The ducks are really curious about them, as well as everything else.

I love them to pieces!
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I bought 8 Khakis last year, the guy had to catch them with a net so we could get them put in the crate. Once I got them home, they would run when ever I got within 40 feet of them, they didnt interact with the other ducks, never swam. My dogs are ok with my ducks but when I got the Khakis the dogs would dig under the fence, 1 day 1 of them got out and got a Khaki but I got there just in time. In in thed they got picked on by my other ducks so I sold them again. Oh but they were VERY good layers, that was the bonus.
My khaki's are 2 of my most friendly ducks, the hen lays constantly. Muscovy's come in some neat colors but i too have a hard time getting over the caruncles.
Really they are not. The male mask is not the most beautiful thing to look at but the females are not as bad. Pictures do not do them justice. Black Moscovys have a beautiful green and purple sheen to them. I also have a Chocolate female that is beautiful as well. Don't rule them out. If you can find someone that has some go take a look at them they really are beautiful BIG birds.

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