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Recently a handful of threads were removed for review from BYC and we thought it important to post regarding some of the more "sensitive" and/or "divisive" topics on our forum.

Please know first off that we LOVE this community and desire what is best for it as a whole. It is impossible to please all people all the time, especially when you consider how diverse our group is. This being said, please keep in mind that when a thread is removed for review and discussion between the staff, it is done the same way ANY thread is once it is reported a LOT of times and has been causing a lot of issues for the community. This is standard procedure regardless of the topic, poster, etc.

Also please note that we don't have bias on topics or "take sides". We moderate topics and posts that are actively causing drama, contention, and fights. If a topic called "HEY! Anybody like purple??? and had a ton of fighting, debating, name calling, reports, etc. the exact same thing would have been done, i.e., our staff would remove the thread and discuss the next set of actions. Sometimes the discussion and conclusion are quick... sometimes it can take a few days.

Hopefully all our members can see things from our points of view and be patient as we review threads to see if they should be cleaned up and returned or not. These things take time as our staff discuss the very diverse and important factors that come into play. It may be very helpful to know that our moderators all come from very different and diverse backgrounds as well and we work great as a team. There may be areas where we disagree, but at the end of the day we always agree on what is best for the long-term stability and growth of our wonderful community!

Thank to all those that try to see things from our points of view as moderators of a 90,000+ member community and to those that work hard to keep the rules and to those that choose the "high road" by choosing to either not-offend or be-offended.

BTW, I'm going to keep this thread closed since the public forum is not the place to discuss and debate our forum policies (which have been crafted over the past 11 years specifically for this community). If you have questions or concerns about how we moderate the forum, please send a private message directly to any of our moderators or to myself.
On a VERY related note:

We, the BYC Staff, would like to make a plea to our members when this stuff happens: PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH US! Sending 500 reports and 100 private messages to our moderators just slows down the work we are doing and only makes situations exponentially worse.

This applies to all cases! If someone posts something against the rules, offensive, etc. DO NOT REPLY and DO NOT QUOTE the post!!!! Doing so only doubles (and sometimes triples, quadruples, etc.) the amount of work for our staff. In fact, we'll probably have a rule in place soon that if you quote something breaking the rules instead of reporting it, you'll also get a warning. Our moderators work very hard and dedicate a TON of time to this community, please help make their jobs easier and the time they spend more effective.
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