1. sevenchickens7

    sevenchickens7 In the Brooder

    Jun 13, 2016
    So it's not really a coop, it's our brooder that I am having problems keeping cool. We transformed an old garden shed into the brooder but the problem is it in the sun most of the day. Here in Kansas it has been in the high 90s low 100s and even with all 3 windows open, and a fan oscillating it gets up to 95-100 in there during the day....I'm new to the chicken world so I'm not entirely sure if that is a problem for the birds but I would assume it should at least be down in the 80s. I have 27 birds who are just over 2 weeks old; I hope to get their tractor built by this weekend so I can get them moved outside. But until then/if that doesn't pan out, does anyone have tips to try and help keep the temp down?

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