Rehoming a bully hen


10 Years
Feb 3, 2013
This is Louise, she was re-homed today, boo. Louise had grown into a pretty big bully, most of her aggression was directed to my SS, who is a super sweet girl. Last night at bedtime I heard a rucus in the coop and discovered my SS cornered in a nest box with Louise pecking her pretty savagely. So I watched them this morning closely and noticed Louise running across the yard to chase SS.

This being my first flock of 4 I did notice a little aggression but chalked it up to the "pecking order". I also talked myself into thinking it could be worse.....which it probably would have gotten.

So I just checked on the remaining 3 hens tonight and SS is roosting on the top perch with the other 2! Normally she sits alone on the bottom perch by herself, which had me worried because it can get pretty cold her in the winter. A chicken roosting alone is not really a good thing. So tonight, for probably the first time in her little life, she will roost with the others and when it gets 35 degrees she'll be nice and toasty warm.

Louise is now living on a farm with 80 other hens and roosters, she will have to learn to be nice :(

As hard of a decision as it is, the peace that follows sure makes up for it.
Was she the softshell layer?

All 3 remaining hens slept all night together on the TOP roost. This morning when I gave them their warm oatmeal breakfast, yes I make them warm oatmeal breakfast, I didn't have to seperate the dishes and monitor the feeding, they all ate out of the same large tin together.

Yes, she was the soft shell layer. I did let the new owner know that she had some laying issues.

One of the other foreseeable problems I had is with daylight change, it is going to get dark here around 3 pm. I work till 5-6pm but my daughter works swing so has to leave the house around 2-4pm. All 4 of the hens would have to be locked into the run, with little hiding areas, for a few hours until i get home to lock up the coop. After Louise cornered Rocket in the nest I was worried that Rocket would have no where to hide from her torment. I did put a chair in the run but Rocket would most likely have been stressed out of her mind. Just not a good
Once you solve for the peace of the flock, you will never hesitate to do it again. A stressful flock is really no fun for you or the chickens. Might be your set up fits 3 birds better than 4.

But sometimes a bird just does not fit in your flock. I have been there, and once you remove the bird, that is when you really realize how stressful it has been.

Mrs K

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